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TELEPORTin is disrupting end-to-end communication through first person view and immersive content.

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We are removing barriers to connecting you to what matters. TELEPORTin supports nearly almost all of the most critacal popular platforms: Augmented reality headset, iPhone, Android and Web


TELEPORTin uses bleeding-edge technology; prioritizing fast, stable and high quality video and audio performance across all devices, at all times. Our team includes both creative and passionate freelancers as well as veteran developers and product managers from Microsoft to ensure the best possible experience.


After just 54 hours of our team working, judges experienced in the field of AR/VR and venture capital inverstors were convinced. First Place Startup Weekend Redmond.


First Place Epson Innovation Award.


These are a few things we heard about our product from top CEOs and VCs so far.

  • Vlad Mkrtumyan, Cofounders Connect

    "The AR field is rapidly expanding and this is one of those companies that could blow up if handled properly."

  • Hanan Lavy, Director of Microsoft Accelerator Seattle

    "Very creative idea and great team to execute it."

  • Paul Carsinger, Amazon Alexa Team

    "How much does this cost? I want to try this out with my team."

  • Arlen Duncan, Nordstrom and former US Military

    "I'm very interested! I could use this for my current team"

  • Gilian Muessig, Cofounder of Moz, Outlines Venture Group

    "I think It's brilliant!"

  • Meredith Fishkin, MANAGER AT PORT OF SEATTLE

    "There's so many uses for this!"

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